A Walking Tour of the Elements

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"Walking Tour of the Elements" is a CD which has been developed for those who wish to visit vicariously the collection of elements and minerals described in the Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 77, Number 8, August, 2000. This "Walking Tour" CD also includes additional information and slides developed during our American Chemical Society Lecture Tours. With over 400 slides, the "Walking Tour" is designed to be used as an educational tool -- either in the present format (which can be presented as a PowerPoint® slide show) or as a source of text and graphic project material for teachers and students. "Walking Tour of the Elements" is available from the following address for $25 postpaid (but see Special Offer , where the CD is available for $5.00) (Tax included) on the Products page Press here.


Overview of Contents

Included on this CD are photographs of all elements through uranium (element 92) in the collection of the elements of the authors, and the minerals of their respective discoveries (from the original site when known), discussed in the author's "A Living Periodic Table," Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 77, Number 8, August, 2000. Also included in this "Walking Tour" is discussion of all known elements, through 116. (Photographs of elements beyond uranium are not available, because public exhibition of these elements is prohibited).

In addition to photographs of the elements and the minerals of their discoveries, special topics are presented in "Walking Tour of the Elements" and include:

Properties of elements and associated minerals

Spectroscopy and colors

Flame spectra





Special treatment of rare earths


Transuranium elements and the Isle of Stability

The latest discoveries of the artificial elements

History of the Periodic Table

Scientists' biographies and several other topics.



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