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"Rediscovery of the Elements" is the culmination of 12 years of travel and research by the authors. This DVD is interactive, set up to operate like a science website and therefore can be used by the usual browsers on PC and Macintosh® platforms. The contents include over 6000 photographs of hundreds of historical sites, each with detailed captions; over 300 detailed maps with GPS coordinates, 270 biographies of scientists; detailed text tables of all historical sites and other interesting locations to visit; and many detailed scientific articles written by the authors on their travels to several sites. The DVD should be useful for students, scholars, and laypersons from 3rd grade through university level. The DVD is $40.00 plus shipping.
Profits from the DVD are to go to student scholarships and fellowships.

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The book is Discovery of the Elements. It is a paperback on the history of the elements and is included on the DVD. The book is $30.00 plus shipping.
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The CD "Walking Tour of the Elements" is a PowerPoint presentation of the photographs of all elements through 92 (uranium), as well as the ores from the original sites from which each was discovered, all taken from the personal collection of the authors. It is also included on the DVD. This CD is $25 plus shipping.

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Both the book and CD above together are a SPECIAL for $35.00 plus shipping.
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