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4-15-2010 FINISHED!!!. There are 30 countries, hundreds of photos, Garmin™ maps and scientist biographies all linked as a website. See www.jennymarshall.com/products.htm.


This DVD is created for students, teachers, and laymen. Although all text and photographs are copyrighted in the Library of Congress by the authors, permission will be given to students to use the pictures and text in their research and their presentation of information in a classroom setting as long as credit is given to the authors. The format of "Rediscovery of the Elements" is a running text with full graphics, to give the student a vicarious trip to the mines, stream beds, hillsides, laboratories, universities, museums, geographical and geological settings, and communities and cultures of the discovery sites. We welcome questions and comments from educators and students. For persons wanting to actually visit these sites, full directions including Garmin™ maps and GPS coordinates are furnished. All information and graphics come directly from the primary sources. This decade-long project is now in its final year. Profits are to go to student scholarships and fellowships.

DVD Access

Content located on the DVD is written in web page format. Information can be accessed on any browser and on PC or Macintosh® computers. Photographs are in a JPEG format. This DVD is a dynamic learning tool because links are provided to allow the reader to click from the element to the discovering scientist to photographs where the element was discovered (including maps).


Fata Baii, near
Zlatna, Romania

Tellurium was discovered in this 200 year old goldmine located high up in the Carpathian Mountains in the Transylvania area.

 Tilkerode, Germany

 The Tilkerode mines were located in the Harz mountains of Eastern Germany. Now there are large pea and rye fields with red poppies growing wild at the periphery. Thallium was discovered here, in the selenium-rich minerals hidden under the groves of hardwoods.

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